Return On Insight is a strategic research consulting company with offices in Alberta and British Columbia Canada. ROI analyzes public opinion and explores consumer insights for public and private sector clients seeking to develop communications initiatives, improve brand
positioning, and assess audience and stakeholder engagement efforts.

ROI’s management team includes:

Bruce Cameron
Bruce Cameron ROI President
In today’s frenetic world, people need insights, not more data. Knowledge may be power, but true perspective only comes from knowing how to harness that power.

Bruce Cameron, President

Bruce Cameron has been involved in the market research and advertising industry for over 30 years, identifying trends and helping clients adapt to market changes and shifts in public opinion. His clients have ranged from the CBC to provincial tourism agencies, government ministries and large corporations such as BFI and Enmax, as well as smaller companies and individuals.

His analyses have been featured on national TV and radio, plus national and local newspapers, and he is a regular guest on programs covering

political trends for CTV, CBC and the Sun News Network. He was lead analyst for CBC TV’s live coverage of the 2008 and 2012 Alberta provincial elections.

Bruce is also known as an informative and entertaining speaker, addressing conferences in North America, the Middle East and Asia on topics such as public opinion trends, tourism, technology, gaming and the environment. He has spoken to conferences for the United Developers Institute, Rotary International, The World Tourism Organization, and American Express, to name a few.

During his career, Bruce has worked with some of the best-known companies in the polling and strategy business, including 10 years in an executive position with the Angus Reid Group. He also worked with Gallup, Decima Research and Young & Rubicam Advertising before establishing established Cameron Strategy, a company he ran for ten years, until it merged with the NRG Research Group in 2009. He served as a senior advisor to NRG Research Group throughout 2009 before founding Return On Insight.

A political science graduate of Queen’s University, Bruce was honoured with the prestigious Tri-Colour award for outstanding contribution to the university community. He has augmented his education through industry training in advanced statistical analysis, and has conducted guest lecturing in the Masters of Communication program at the University of Calgary. When he is not analyzing data and dispersing information, you might find him playing drums in one of his two bands, either in Calgary, where he lives, or in British Columbia, where ROI also has an office.