ROI knows the media from all angles: new and old, social and traditional. We understand whether the assignment involves measuring the profile of an audience, or delivering messages that resonate to that audience.

Bruce Cameron has worked on both sides of the camera, as an on air commentator, as an online blogger, and as a backroom strategist for media organizations trying to maximize their reach.

“Albertans strongly support policies to add value to oil and gas through more processing in Alberta”

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According to a new survey commissioned by Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association for Alberta Plus, there is strong support for the establishment of an added value natural gas strategy and government involvement to encourage more domestic processing of oil and gas resources. Environmental improvements are one of the main factors motivating the desire for government action and involvement, along with the perceived need to diversify the economy and add more value to the resource in the form of higher revenues and job. Full poll results: July...

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Polling and the BC election; Bruce Cameron on CBC’s The Current

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ROI’s Bruce Cameron discusses the state of polling and the BC election on CBC’s The Current (May 16, 2013). Check out the podcast here:

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Perceptions of Calgary Among Canadians

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“A majority of Canadians think Calgary has changed over the past 5 years. Calgary’s image as a tourist destination is changing positively in the minds of most Canadians, led by a perceived increase in great food and restaurants, western hospitality and opportunities for shopping” For highlights from a Canada wide online survey about Calgary conducted in April 2013, click here: Calgary Image Survey Media release April...

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Energy Sector Social Media Release

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“Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project is stopped dead in its tracks while Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline fares better in social media coverage” To read the full release, click here: Energy Sector Social Media release Feb 21 2013

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Return On Insight Polling Predicts Calgary Centre By-election Outcome

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Click the link below for an ROI press release on yesterday’s Calgary Centre by-election: ROI Polling Predicts Calgary Centre Outcome

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Conservatives hold slight lead in Calgary Centre by-election: Poll

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ROI’s latest poll on the Calgary Centre by-election is featured in the Globe and Mail. To read the story, click here:

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ROI Media Release: Calgary Centre By-election Voting Intentions

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For poll results, please click the link below: ROI Media Release YYC Centre poll (Nov 22)

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Social Media Tracking of Reaction to the NHL Lockout

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“The NHL’s recent proposal to split revenues 50-50 with the NHLPA has prompted primarily positive reactions among social media followers.” Almost 13 million people were exposed to the NHL lockout story or some comment about the story on various traditional and social media platforms on October 16th. The reaction among socially engaged people has been primarily positive (49% positive comments, 30% neutral comments and 21% negative comments). For more, see press release below. ROI Social Media Special Report on the NHL...

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Spate of oil spills pushes Alberta to look harder at pipeline safety

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ROI president Bruce Cameron comments in the Globe and Mail: Ms. Redford must balance any bid to prevent future spills against provincial reassurances that Alberta’s energy industry is overseen by a “world-class” regulatory system. “By doing that, you’re admitting that what we’ve got right now isn’t enough,” said Bruce Cameron, president of Calgary-based polling firm Return on Insight. But, he said, there is a “huge political imperative” for “the government here to appear to be tougher and more vigilant than it is.”...

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CBC Eyeopener featuring Bruce Cameron and Paul McLoughlin

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Bruce Cameron and Paul McLoughlin comment on the election “the morning after.” PC majority surprises pollsters8:27

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