Integrated Feedback System

The Integrated Feedback System is a flexible stakeholder engagement tool. It supplements traditional research technologies such as online and telephone surveys by also employing onsite tools such as mobile intercept surveys and interactive touch screen kiosks in selected locations.

Data collected from onsite surveys can be integrated with more traditional methodologies like online surveying and telephone polls, to craft a truly interactive customer engagement program.

Based on ROI’s experience, onsite surveys are an ideal way to capture feedback from consumers or citizens right when they are in the process of making up their mind. That critical moment may be at the point of sale for a retailer or at an open house for a company or government.

The Integrated Feedback System is a hybrid methodology that has proven highly successful in engagement projects for public sector outreach programs, real estate developers, tourism businesses, food and beverage establishments, and retailers.

In an age when public engagement and consultation have become essential ingredients for success, IFS offers a unique and powerful way to inform, engage and collect feedback from target audiences, as they are in the process of forming decisions.

Find out how ROI can create an Integrated Feedback System for your organization.

Some of the clients who have successfully adapted the IFS approach to address their stakeholder engagement needs include: Capital Region Board, City of Calgary, Lammle’s Western Wear, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association, and The Calgary Stampede.