HOW does ROI do it?

The market research industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Today, many different approaches are used in the industry, including telephone surveying, online surveying and onsite feedback tools.

ROI knows there is no one-size-fits-all solution.


Today’s business challenges require a careful assessment of which tools to use in obtaining data and developing strategy. That is why we have developed two multi-disciplinary techniques to address different challenges — The Integrated Feedback System to engage stakeholders at numerous points of interaction, and the Advertising Impact Model, to fine tune and strengthen creative material and communication messages.

The market research industry is also in flux. Large multi-national firms are acquiring smaller firms to meet their revenue growth goals. At the same time, smaller firms are carving out bigger specialty niches.

ROI provides the best of both worlds: the technical capabilities and resources of a large firm, with the senior level strategic insight that can only come from an experienced owner-operated consulting practice.

Some research companies insist the days of telephone surveying are dead, to be replaced by online survey panels and automated dialers. We disagree. At ROI, we take the long view:

  • Yes, traditional tools need to be constantly updated and adapted to new realities. For instance, the increasing use of mobile phones, especially among younger audiences, makes online surveying a good way to reach these audiences. Large email data bases being built by associations and organizations make online surveying an increasingly viable cost effective option.
  • But switching entirely to online surveying is not the only answer. At ROI, we look at the research challenge, and we assess the target audience, before choosing the method best suited to the challenge at hand.
  • In one instance, we might suggest onsite survey tools like touch screens and mobile phone apps to engage customers at the point of sale. For another assignment, a traditional telephone survey that is representative of the total population may be the best approach.

Today, each new business challenge requires a unique assessment of which tools to use.

At ROI, founder and president Bruce Cameron, has developed two techniques to address business and communication challenges: the
Integrated Feedback System and the Advertising Impact Model.