Halfway to nowhere: social media highlights of the Calgary election

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Halfway to nowhere: social media highlights mid way through the Calgary election campaign. By Bruce Cameron, ROI If social media activity is a new barometer of an election campaign, then it appears Naheed Nenshi is cruising towards a massive re-election win as Mayor of Calgary on October 21st. It should not come as a surprise. Nenshi dominates online chatter. His legendary social media savvy is reflected in the relative size of his own twitter handle @nenshi, as well as the presence of active online supporters @dollhouseyyc (Marc Doll) and @carter (Stephen Carter). That’s not to say...

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New Style or New Leader: Three Reasons Harper Is In Trouble

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ROI president Bruce Cameron’s latest blog discusses the challenges faced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper Click here to read the blog: New Style or New Leader

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Peak Oil is Dead. So is Gateway. Now What do We Do?

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Bruce Cameron is President of Return On Insight, an Alberta based public opinion and social media monitoring company that has worked on a variety of energy and conservation projects in Canada and the USA. Western Canadians have come to believe that we sit astride one of the world’s last great oil deposits, bestowing us with immense energy wealth at a time when the rest of the world, especially our next door neighbor, is running out of the precious liquid that underpins the global economy. But what if the world isn’t running out of oil? According to a CBC Story about the IEA Report, the US...

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Margin for Error in Alberta: Not all the Polls Were Wrong

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Bruce Cameron, President of Return On Insight, April 25, 2012 The day after the most surprising election campaign in Alberta’s history, I fielded dozens of media calls. The first question wasn’t, “How did the PCs engineer one of the most amazing comebacks in Canadian election history?” No, the first question was always, “Why were all the polls wrong?” This is an extremely important question the polling industry must answer. But not all the polls were wrong. Return On Insight was the only polling firm that predicted a PC government. On air, during the CBC election coverage, I said, “We...

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The Final Push: Alberta’s Not So “Civil” War

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Bruce Cameron, President of Return On Insight, April 21, 2012  “A nasty divorce” was how Alberta Liberal leader Raj Sherman likened the split between the PCs and the Wildrose during the provincial leaders debate on April 12th. Others have used terms like “religious war” and “civil war.”  But there is nothing “civil” about this titanic battle that has divided communities and strained friendships across Alberta. As the social media furor started to take off a week ago over homophobic and racially charged remarks by Wildrose candidates, the tone of the campaign turned toxic. A widely respected...

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Week 3: The Battle for Alberta’s Soul

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Bruce Cameron, President of Return On Insight, April 11, 2012 During the first half of the Alberta election campaign, the PCs stumbled and the Wildrose surged to majority level support.  But Easter weekend appears to have been a temporary lull in the fighting, and a potential watershed moment. Regardless of whether the PCs are able to mount a stunning comeback victory (and recent polls indicate it is possible), or if the Wildrose fends off the mid campaign PC upswing to win on April 23rd , we may all look back at the Easter weekend break to explain why. Simply put: it’s all about soul,...

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