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All Boats Rise? Ward battles in Calgary’s municipal election

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All Boats Rise By BRUCE CAMERON, ROI They say “all boats rise in a flood” and, perhaps, that’s what Naheed Nenshi had in mind when he tried to leverage his post-flood popularity, including his dominance of the Twittersphere, to shape the next City Council. Nenshi’s blanket endorsement of aldermen seeking re-election may have been controversial. But, in reality, only a handful of the 14 ward races are likely to be hotly contested: Ward 7. Incumbent Druh Farrell is trying to fend off her long-time opponent Kevin Taylor, aided by a surprisingly lively campaign from newcomer Brent Alexander....

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Halfway to nowhere: social media highlights of the Calgary election

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Halfway to nowhere: social media highlights mid way through the Calgary election campaign. By Bruce Cameron, ROI If social media activity is a new barometer of an election campaign, then it appears Naheed Nenshi is cruising towards a massive re-election win as Mayor of Calgary on October 21st. It should not come as a surprise. Nenshi dominates online chatter. His legendary social media savvy is reflected in the relative size of his own twitter handle @nenshi, as well as the presence of active online supporters @dollhouseyyc (Marc Doll) and @carter (Stephen Carter). That’s not to say...

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New Style or New Leader: Three Reasons Harper Is In Trouble

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ROI president Bruce Cameron’s latest blog discusses the challenges faced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper Click here to read the blog: New Style or New Leader

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Polling and the BC election; Bruce Cameron on CBC’s The Current

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ROI’s Bruce Cameron discusses the state of polling and the BC election on CBC’s The Current (May 16, 2013). Check out the podcast here:

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Perceptions of Calgary Among Canadians

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“A majority of Canadians think Calgary has changed over the past 5 years. Calgary’s image as a tourist destination is changing positively in the minds of most Canadians, led by a perceived increase in great food and restaurants, western hospitality and opportunities for shopping” For highlights from a Canada wide online survey about Calgary conducted in April 2013, click here: Calgary Image Survey Media release April 2013

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