"In today’s wired world, decision makers don’t just need data, they crave insight."

Bruce Cameron


Return On Insight is a strategic research consulting company with offices in Alberta and British Columbia Canada. ROI analyzes public opinion and explores consumer insights for public and private sector clients seeking to develop communications initiatives, improve brand
positioning, and assess audience and stakeholder engagement efforts.

WHAT does ROI do?

ROI can help you unlock the secret to more effective communications. Uncovering insights into consumer attitudes and determining why people feel and act the way they do doesn’t have to be a mystery. ROI uses advanced research and analytical tools to zero in on the things that will make the biggest difference to your organization.

HOW does ROI do it?

The market research industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Today, many different approaches are used in the industry, including telephone surveying, online surveying and onsite feedback tools.

ROI knows there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

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BFI Canada

BFI Canada works with ROI to assess public opinion on potential projects and to assist...


Bruce Cameron and ROI have had a long standing relationship with CBC, from conducting and commenting on large scale public opinion polls about politics and key issues, to Mr. Cameron’s role as lead election analyst and frequent TV and radio guest.

Calgary Firefighters Association

When the Calgary Fire Fighters Association wanted to highlight its concerns about funding and staffing levels, it commissioned ROI to successfully execute a public opinion and media outreach campaign that placed its issues high on the public agenda.

Tourism Calgary

ROI has worked on assignments for Tourism Calgary for a number of years, from market studies of potential visitors to advertising evaluation programs. Bruce Cameron currently sits on the Tourism Calgary Marketing Advisory Committee which reviews the organizations’ marketing strategies.

Calgary Hotel Association

The Calgary Hotel Association has commissioned ROI to conduct a number of strategic studies examining stakeholder perceptions and tourism marketing opportunities, leading to the implementation of multimillion dollar partnership arrangements and programs.

The City Of Edmonton

Bruce Cameron and his team have been called upon many times to conduct sensitive public opinion and stakeholder engagement assignments on behalf of the City of Edmonton and its partners, from a large scale public consultation on land use among the 25 regional municipalities, to examinations of public policy decisions such as downtown re-development and building a new hockey arena.

McKinsey & Company

ROI has worked with one of the world leaders in management consulting, McKinsey and...


ROI has assisted Enmax with many important corporate communications campaigns. Bruce Cameron has worked closely with the Board of Directors and the Senior Management team on assignments that included helping select the company’s advertising agency of record.

Government Of Alberta

Bruce Cameron and his team have worked for numerous departments and agencies of the Government of Alberta, from the Premiers Office to transportation and infrastructure, environment, health, and economic development portfolios.

Rawlco Radio

Bruce Cameron and his team work with Rawlco on projects involving submissions to the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission, applications for new radio stations, and assessing media markets and new product positioning.

Calgary Stampede

For over 20 years Bruce Cameron has been providing advice and analysis for The Calgary Stampede, on initiatives such as the onsite audience feedback program, a multi-year stakeholder engagement program of internal and external research, a Master Plan development and evaluation program, and other strategic assignments for the President and Board of Directors.

Suncor Energy

Suncor has used ROI’s Advertising Impact Model to improve advertising targeted to...

Talisman Energy

Bruce Cameron has worked with Talisman Energy to address public opinion challenges...

The Canadian Research Institute

The Canadian Energy Research Institute worked with Bruce Cameron to identify...

Walton Investing

Walton is a leading land development company in North America that has turned to Bruce...

Driftwood Media

The Driftwood Media group turned to ROI to determine readership profiles and...

High Performance Rodeo

Bruce Cameron and ROI have worked with the team at High Performance Rodeo, a month long international performing arts festival, to profile audience members and provide strategic advice regarding marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

Calder Bateman

ROI has worked with Calder Bateman, a leading Alberta communications agency, on a variety of assignments where knowledge of public opinion and consumer motivations are crucial to the success of the campaign.

World Tourism Organization

Bruce Cameron has consulted for the World Tourism Organization numerous times, in...

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission has worked with Bruce Cameron on numerous assignments involving public opinion analysis, market and player segmentation studies, strategic planning and program evaluation.

Dave Bronconnier Calgary Mayoralty

Bruce Cameron was one of Dave Bronconnier’s advisors from 2000 through 2010, playing a lead role as pollster and strategist in the successful Dave Bronconnier Calgary Mayoralty electoral campaigns of 2001, 2004, and 2007.

Calgary Mayor’s office

Bruce Cameron was called upon by the Calgary Mayor’s office to assist with strategic brand analysis and development for the City of Calgary, Tourism Calgary and Calgary Economic Development, including an analysis of the viability of a 1% hotel levy for tourism marketing.


Bruce Cameron is a frequent guest speaker at Rotary Club events, highlighting his...

The City Of Calgary

The City of Calgary has worked with Bruce Cameron and his team on dozens of assignments, addressing public opinion and program feedback in areas such as transportation, building developments and approvals, parks and recreation, finance and budgeting, intergovernmental affairs, arts and culture, and brand positioning.

Canadian Tourism Commission

Bruce Cameron worked with The Canadian Tourism Commission on advertising effectiveness research and market segmentation studies in the USA, Canada and Mexico. He also served on the CTC Research Committee.


Lammle’s turned to Bruce Cameron and his Integrated Feedback System to explore preferences and attitudes of customers online and in stores, leading to increased sales and a more focused retail strategy.


When Westjet Airlines launched operations, they turned to Bruce Cameron to help establish an ongoing customer engagement research program, involving regular customer tracking, product and service evaluations, price point simulations for new products, plus advertising effectiveness research using ROI’s Advertising Impact Model.

Calgary Livery Association

ROI has been working with The Calgary Livery Association, the industry lobbying group,...

Tourism Vancouver

Tourism Vancouver worked with the ROI team to utilize the Integrated Feedback System at...

Travel Alberta

Travel Alberta has called upon Bruce Cameron and his team on numerous assignments over the years, from advertising testing in US and Canadian markets to brand tracking studies in key media markets.

Calgary Folk Festival

Bruce Cameron served on the Calgary Folk Festival Board of Directors from 1997-2005, and continues to advise the festival on political and strategic matters. He also designed the audience survey program that has been in place since 1998.